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About 22nd Health Care

To meet today's challenges, we've created a unique, more personal approach to Medical Services solutions.

22nd Century Technologies Inc., (TSCTI) is one the fastest growing healthcare staffing companies in the United States. With presence in all 50 States and 6000+ employees nationwide, we have been providing unparallel healthcare and technology staffing services to Public and Private sectors for 25 years.

Started as a technology staffing company in 1997, we have significantly expanded our healthcare practice to both Clinical and Non-Clinical staffing, serving various facilities, healthcare organizations and government agencies. Our ISO certified staffing practices and technology driven staffing procedures – from recruitment to on boarding, along with an internal pre-vetted resume database of healthcare professionals, have enabled us to successfully deliver more than $40M of healthcare staffing services with over 600,000 hours of medical staffing in the last five years.